6' 6" NFL Player fights cop and it's all caught on camera. [Watch]

This incident with Free Agent Malik McDowell is very crazy. The officer pulls him over and gives him directions to stay in his car and he does that for a second and then decides to get out. As you can see Malik towers the police officer and clearly bigger. Malik McDowell is 6'6" 300 lbs and a pro athlete so when they get into the scuffle you see him clearly shove the police officer around. To me it looks like Malik is not right, I'm not sure if it's drugs or alcohol but he keeps asking for a supervisor. I have a feeling that if he was sober he could of really hurt the officer. The officer on the other hand did everything he was suppose to do by giving him warnings. He told him he was going to tase 3 times and he still didn't comply. In this situation where it got really physical and clearly resisting arrest and his size, Malik is lucky he didn't get shot. During the scuffle you see Malik pushing him and kinda reaching for something which I think was the taser gun. This incident got him charged with 2 counts of felony assaulting and resisting in Michigan. He is released now but I'm pretty sure teams will have some trouble picking him up. I wonder if he ever got to see a Supervisor.

Full story at TMZ https://www.tmz.com/2019/07/09/malik-mcdowell-fights-cop-after-being-tased-insane-video/ …

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