Cops Shot a Man 55 Times in 3.5 Seconds Deemed as "Reasonable"

According to an independent report, six California police officers who fired 55 shots at rapper Willie McCoy in 3.5 seconds was deemed as "reasonable." McCoy was shot and killed back in February after he was found unresponsive at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Vallejo, California, but when cops thought he allegedly reached for a gun they opened fire and let's call it as it is, a cold-blooded murder! They shot at him FIFTY FIVE TIMES IN 3.5 SECONDS! I cannot see how on this earth anyone could dare to deem this "reasonable".

Attorneys for McCoy's family have said he was hit around 25 times in the chest, face, arm, and shoulders. After the ruling, the McCoy family attorney said the report "continues the flawed belief that officers should be able to act on their irrational fear and unlawfully kill people." 

Take a look for yourself, warning you it's very disturbing and heartbreaking to see this cold blooded murder.

Do you agree with the report's findings? How does this ruling make you feel about officer-involved shootings? 

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