Is Nicki Minaj "Missing"????

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Is Nicki Minaj Missing??? Well some fans think so! "Missing Nicki Minaj" posters have popped up over New York! Check out the poster below!

It's true, Nicki hasn't been seen in the public since the Met Gala which was at the beginning of May. On top of that, the last time Nicki posted on IG was May 20th! The last time she tweeted was in April.


I have a theory, after fans saw her at the MET Gala they thought she was pregnant! We know Nicki wants to be a Mom and she's been dating her boyfriend Kenneth since late last year.

So maybe she's just keep a low profile because she IS pregnant and doesn't want the media all up in her face! Of course this isn't confirmed and I think part of me is hoping Nicki is pregnant. If she's not, where you at Nicki?

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