Rihanna Let Someone Listen To Her New Album & You Won't Believe Who It Is!


We have ALL been waiting for Rihanna to drop her new album...we don't know when it will happen but chances are it will be this year! Rihanna has made a few mentions about it but other than that she has been very hush hush!

Well the other day Rihanna posted an adorable photo of an eight month old baby, the little boy's Mom is Jennifer, she is one of Rihanna's BFF's and right hand lady! Rihanna was even a bridesmaid in Jennifer's Wedding!

Clearly the little guy is in the studio with Rihanna and Jennifer and what do you do in a studio?! Listen to music!

When Jennifer REPOSTED the photo from Rihanna, Jennifer's Caption read

"When tia@badgalririgives you the first listen 😎.#newmusic"

Awww I bet he loved it!!! I mean, look at that expression, it for sure says "ohhhh girl, you did that!!!!"

Look I don't need Rihanna to drop the album today...but just let me know when I can expect it so that I can plan my life around it! 😉



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