Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London Show Off Their Love in GQ Magazine!

Earlier this year we thought Lauren London and Nipsey Hussle had gotten married because of this photoshoot that went down! Turns out, it was JUST a photoshoot but damn these photos are dope!!! There are so many more too, you have to see them! They went all over LA and both of them look so good!

So in the article Nipsey and Lauren talk about how they met back in 2013.

“Our stories are very different,” - “I did not slide into his DMs. My homeboy did....”

She explains that she wanted to buy his mixtape for her co-stars. Yes the $100 one! After that they started following each other on IG and he slide into her DMS! They've been together since then and have a son together.

Lauren also talked about how she had to choose between being a Mom and a great role! John Singleton picked her to star in the FX show Snowfall, she filmed the pilot and did everything but then found out she got pregnant!

“It was the toughest decision of my career by far,”

“I didn't put any pressure on her for whatever decision she wanted to make,” Nipsey said.

“I learned then that what she believes in, she really believes in.”

“Do I choose my soul or myself?” Lauren said. “I went with my soul.”

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