If You Have An IG Account This Scary Stalking Situation Can Happen To You!

So we've seen people use other people's photos for fake accounts and catfish someone BUT this is just as crazy but different! 

So Chloe Cowan found out that a girl named Honey Basra was copied everything she did on Instagram. Every time Chloe posted a little bit later Honey copied the entire post, outfit, pose, caption...ALL OF IT!! And this went on for TWO YEARS!!! If you still don't think that's enough, check out their IG names

ChloeCowan17xo vs. HoneyBasra18xo.

Also get this - Chloe and Honey go to the same college but have never met! 

The scary part happened when Honey even copied posts after Chloe's Dad passed away. Honey didn't follow Chloe but actually created a fake account to follow her. 

Honey deleted her Instagram account earlier in the day and was unavailable for comment.

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