Girl With Autism Who Mistook Bride for Cinderella Dreams Could Come True!


Get your tissues because this is the sweetest thing on the internet today!A 5 year old girl named Layla, who has autism saw a woman in the park she believed to be Cinderella and ran over to her, arms open, yelling, "Cinderella! Cinderella!"The woman was actually a bride taking her wedding day photos. She hugged and spoke to Layla.The photographer immediately started snapping photos that have since gone viral.The bride was in tears that Layla thought she was a princess, she said it made her day even more beautiful. The bride and Layla shared a beautiful moment but the bride had to return to her wedding. She told Layla she had to "go to the ball." with Layla yelling back, "have fun at the ball!"The bride and Layla have remained in touch with Layla still calling her, Cinderella and a GoFundMe page has been started to send Layla to Disney. What was/is your favorite area to go to at Disney World/Disney Land?


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