Why You Need To See Jonah Hill's Movie Mid90's!!!

Jonah Hill is one of my favorites - he's starred in some of my favorite movies "Wolf of Wall Street" - "Moneyball" - "Superbad" - I can go on and on, but this new movie is VERY important to Jonah because he wrote and directed it! Check out the trailer below!

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)


What's so wonderful about the movie is that it shows the REAL LA! So many movies have this false perception on what life is like in LA, it's not all about Hollywood. I felt like this movie was filmed where I grew up in North Hollywood. 

I also loved that it was set in the 90's and they were so good about getting the clothing and props right. But beyond all that, it's a story about a boy named Stevie, and he's at the point of his life when he's done playing with toys and tries to make friends with an older group of boys! Stevie has a troubled home life, an abusive brother and just wants to belong to a cool group of friends who love to skate. 

The music and skate culture is like another character in the movie and it what truly makes this movie different and special. 


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