Nicki Minaj Reveals She Was In An Abusive Relationship! [WATCH]


In a preview of her documentary, Nicki Minaj has revealed that she was in an abusive relationships in the past. The documentary "Queen", which will be on Apple Music, follows Nicki while recording her album of the same name. Yesterday, she shared clips on Instagram for fans. In the first clip she's shown talking about troubles in her parents' marriage and told the story of how she would shield her mother from her father's abuse vowing to never have that happen to her, until it did. In the second clip, she talks about that bad relationship, and says that she was "so low, I didn't even remember who I was." Nicki didn't give a release date for the documentary, but did say it's, "coming soon." Do you now see why Nicki is the way she is from the clips? Do you intend on watching the Nicki documentary? 



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