50 Cent's Beef With Jim Jones Continues After Embarrassing Pic

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The beef between 50 Cent and Jim Jones doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. The two have been calling each other out on social media a lot and we have the latest.

Yesterday, 50 posted about the show 'Power' that he is on, to which Jones replied, "U real tuff on tv boo boo lol lol u always been a good actor lol im out show was good though lol." 

That's a lot of "LOL"s, but 50 definitely isn't laughing. 50 responded by saying, "Cam said you ain't even a real street n***a jimmy. Get the f**k out of here you a goof recruiter." 


Whoa pause pause pause I’m not tht type of gangsta i don’t go tht way u admiring me to much bro calm down no patho pause a million times i don’t like this joke u trippin booboo sombody take his phone he’s violating all gangstas guidelines lol I'm out u gotta chill boo boo frfr lol

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Maybe someone should give them that boxing match they're looking for so this can be settled once and for all, what do you think?


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