#BeyChella Takes Over The Internet!

Move over Coachella, this is Beyoncé's weekend to shine! The Beyhive is ready to see Queen Bey slay the festival on Saturday. 

Thanks to all of their tweets anticipating her performance, the hashtag #BeyChella is blowing up on Twitter. 

t's safe to say that the Beyhive is rolling up to the festival in full force. These fans wrote all over their car in honor of the performance! The car features quotes such as "Okay ladies, now let's get in formation," "Buy Lemonade on iTunes" and our personal favorite, "Beyoncé is coming! Hold on to your wigs!"

The Beyhive even created a Twibbon to add onto your Twitter profile photo in honor of #BeyChella!

Beyoncé is going all out and selling a shirt made specifically for the festival. The shirt has a photo of her wearing a crown on the front, and says "BEYONCÉ COACHELLA 2018" on the back! A little piece of advice: buy this shirt on day 1 of the festival because we guarantee it will sell out.

The hype around her Coachella performance is hitting everyone! According to one Twitter user, singer-songwriter Moses Sumney even gave her a shoutout onstage during his set.

Beyoncé takes the stage both weekends on Saturday at 11:05 pm PST. 

After the news came out last week that she hired over 100 more dancers for her performance, the suspense has been killing us to see what she has planned. Considering she started with just 12 dancers, this is about to be a massive show.

According to TMZ, Beyoncé has been working 11 hours a day in rehearsals. They have had 7 security guards on site, and even her own label executives don't know exactly what she has planned!

While Beyoncé has been teasing her performance for a while on Instagram, even her makeup artist Sir John joined in a few days ago.

We will be expecting tons of live tweets from the festival when Queen Bey takes the stage. Don't forget that if you aren't at the festival, Coachella is live streaming her set on their YouTube channel

We don't know about you, but we are anxiously waiting to see what kind of crazy performance she puts on, and what surprises Beyoncé may bring to the Coachella stage. Will the rumors of a Destiny's Child reunion be true? Will Jay-Z make a guest appearance? Will Blue Ivy steal the whole show? We'll just have to wait and see.

BeyChella is about to get wild.

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