Prince George's School Lunch Menu Is Better Than Yours

Eating like a... Prince...

Prince George's lunch menu at Thomas's Battersea School in London is better than a lot of 5-star restaurant menus out here in Los Angeles (which is saying a lot, considering all the $30 brunches being eaten in West Hollywood every Sunday). got ahold of the 4-year-old's daily lunch menu and we can't believe some of the stuff this kid's eating! Check it out below:

  • Freshly prepared authentic lamb ragout with garlic and fresh herbs; organic grated cheese with baton carrots and cucumber; steamed fiber-rich whole wheat tasty pasta.
  • Freshly prepared BBQ pork strips; steamed baby corn, carrots, and mange tout; Mediterranean 50/50 couscous and quinoa.
  • Freshly prepared teriyaki salmon on a bed of lentils.
  • Oven-baked beef meatballs with cannellini beans in a tomato and basil sauce; grated organic cheese and fresh crudities; steamed 50/50 brown and white rice.
  • Some dessert options: fresh baked waffle with a fruit coulis and single cream; freshly prepared chocolate and courgette sponge with organic custard; oven-baked oatmeal and raisin cookie served with a banana milkshake; freshly baked Portuguese egg custard tart with strawberries.

Why am I jealous of a toddler right now?

photo via getty


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