Rihanna Apologizes - Diplo Song Sounds Like A "Reggae Song At An Airport"

During an interview with GQ Style, Diplo admitted that he's been trying to work with Rihanna for a very long time, constantly showing her songs he thinks she'd be interested in hopping on. 

However, the DJ/Producer has apparently been shut down by RiRi time and time again. And one quote from her has the world in a collective fit.

According to Diplo, during a studio session with Future, Metro Boomin, and The Weeknd, he showed Rihanna another song, to which she responded that it sounded "like a reggae song at an airport."


After the quote went viral, Rihanna caught it and finally posted her own response.

"#DutyFree 😂😂😂 My bad @diplo"

That was pretty harsh, but we honestly love how blunt she is. 

No more airport reggae music, Diplo!

photo via Getty

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