Crazy Video Of Three Warriors Players Reacting The Exact Same Way To A Foul Call (VIDEO)

Super creepy!

During the Warriors vs. Spurs game on Sunday (May 14) something pretty weird happened. This took place during the second quarter of the game.

As Complex put it so eloquently, "Zaza Pachulia bumped LaMarcus Aldridge and was whistled for a foul with about a minute left to go in the quarter, and it led to Draymond GreenSteph Curry, and Pachulia complaining to the referees about it. And while that wouldn’t be all that noteworthy in and of itself—NBA players complain to referees all the time—Green, Curry, and Pachulia all appeared to react to the foul call in the same exact way, which almost made it look like they had synchronized their reactions."

Watch it go down below:

Whaaaaat just happened?!

See more of the craziness via Complex.

photo via Getty

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