Parents Lose Custody Of Their Children After Cruel Youtube Prank

Mike and Heather Martin are now in trouble with the law after some cruel pranks went viral.

The couple runs the "DaddyOFiveYoutube channel featuring their five children. The Martin's play pranks on their children for views, but things apparently got a little out of hand in one of the vids.

"Maryland’s Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, BaltimoreCounty Police Department and Office of Child Protective Services are all investigating the family after videos of the Martins show them screaming profanities at their children, breaking their toys, punching, pushing and slapping them in the name of “pranking," The Shade Room reports.

“Please keep in mind videos are fake and being acted out our videos are for entertainment purposes only no child was harmed in the making of our videos,” the Youtube page reads.

But apparently, the biological mother of two of the children isn't having it!

She alerted authorities and has been granted emergency custody of her kids.

Read more of the story via The Shade Room!

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