Jim Jones Names Jay-Z As One Of His Favorite Rappers Ever


Who would you crown the best rapper of all time?

Fat Joe has been killing it with all of his amazing interviews on Live. He recently had Jim Jones as a guest, and we learned who he really loves as an artist.

During the Instagram Live session, Jim said that Jay-Z is his all-time favorite rapper despite their past feuds. 

He said, "In my life, um, I can't lie, Jay's always been one of my favorite rappers from even before we even had a deal. Even from before, when Cam and Ma$e went down to try and get signed to JAY and them."

He added, "JAY's a dope dude from the rhymes to what he put on for the industry. He broke a lot of walls down that you probably wouldn't have been able to do at all if he didn't take that first step. Not to mention what Roc-A-Fella did for the culture and s—t like that. They put on. They made us feel good for New York." 

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