Future and Lori Harvey Confirm Relationship

It's not official until you make it Instagram official and that is what Future and Lori Harvey have done.

Lori, who is celebrating her 23rd birthday, posted a video of Future kissing her on the cheek on her Instagram story.

Future, then reposted the video to his Instagram story. See video below:

Lori Harvey is the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey. She has been rumored to be with Diddy and his son, Justin Combs.

Social media of course had a reaction to the Future and Lori Harvey announcement, Lori Harvey going against everything Steve Harvey be preaching about got me crying.

Personally I think people should just be happy for her. She's young, beautiful and thriving. Let the girl live.

If you were Steve Harvey, what would you say to your daughter Lori about dating Future?

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