WATCH: Jlo's 'Dinero' Video With Cardi B and DJ Khaled!

photo via getty.

Watch the video for the track Dinero with Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B and DJ Khaled below.

J. Lo and Cardi tear up a mansion while Khaled casually smokes a big cigar. There is plenty of dancing in there too.

WARNING: Video may contain explicit language. 

Speaking of Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B. Jlo loves her some Cardi B because 'she's very funny!'

When asked about what she likes about Cardi, Lopez told MTV's TRL AM"I followed Cardi on Instagram for like four years now. I didn't even know she was from the Bronx. She would speak in a way that made sense to me."

She continued, "I just found her very funny and amusing and I guess it was because it reminded me of the girls I grew up with. And my family!"

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