The Fight To End Alzheimer's

6.7 MILLION AMERICANS are living with Alzheimer's 2050 it will be 13 million...WHAT CAN WE DO? It’s a terrible and progressive disease that can truly rob a loved one in their final years as it eventually destroys one's memory and other important mental functions. Memory loss and confusion are the main symptoms, but it can be deadly! 

The Alzheimer's Association is all about accelerating global research, driving risk reduction and early detection, and maximizing quality care and support.

Go to for more information.

The Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline at 800.272.3900 

is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year (including weekends and holidays), offering services in Spanish/in over 200 languages. The Helpline can also connect you to local resources, support groups and education. 

How can one be a part of the fight to End Alzheimer’s? 

*Support and attend their Purple Spring Gala April 15. 

*Join the Walk to End Alzheimer’s Los Angeles-Oct 28, 2023, at LA Live 

Hosted by NBC Los Angeles’ Lynette Romero

*Sign up for the walk at

Aired April 9, 2023: Lisa Foxx interviewed Meg Barron, the Executive Director of the California Southland Chapter - Alzheimer's Association. They discussed the importance of knowing the difference between Alzheimer's/Dementia versus regular aging and forgetfulness. They discuss all the ways the organization helps those dealing with this disease AND new treatments FINALLY on the horizon offering HOPE to all. We also discussed upcoming fundraisers like their annual Purple Spring Gala and the Walk To End ALZ.

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