Check Out This 'Stranger Things' Candy Line


It's Halloween and that means it's a great time to binge on Netflix's Stranger Things but now there is candy that you can eat while watching the show! 

The creators made sure to include the show’s storylines in the treats. There’s a gummy version of the character Eleven’s favorite food: waffles. There are also gummy letters that look like the ones Joyce Byers painted on her living room wall to communicate with her son, Will.

There’s even a Pollywog gummy and a missing Barb malted milk ball carton.

For now, they can only be purchased at It’ Sugar Stores, which also offers a delivery option.  

Chuey Martinez

Chuey Martinez

Chuey Martinez is on air radio host at KIIS FM and REAL 92.3! Read more


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