Kanye West is Writing A Book on Philosophy...

Kanye West transitioned from hip hop to fashion, and now into implementing his way of thinking into a book. The print is called Break The Simulation, he told the Hollywood Reporter.

After speaking with interior designer Axel Vervoordt, the same person who laid the blueprint for Kanye's home with Kim, Yeezy took to the idea that photographs are like time capsules.

"A designer told me that my wife was a master of light and I was a master of time," West said. "How to use time is equal to being someone who can cut a diamond. The ability to preserve time is more valuable than the ability to preserve a diamond because time is our most valuable resource. So using something timeless to remind us of what time is, is a good bar. When you walked into the room, I had been dealing with a very heavy concept this week that I couldn't get out of my head. Just the way you're expressing yourself has lifted the burden on me."

This wouldn't be Kanye's first crack at creating a book. In 2009 he released Glow in the Dark, a biographical photo essay of his Glow in the Dark tour.

No release date has been set for Break The Simulation, but we can't wait to see what Kanye has up his sleeve.

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