Ja Rule Denied Entry Into The UK Ahead Of Tour, 50 Cent Responds

Ja Rule & 50 Cent

Photo: Getty Images

Ja Rule is experiencing some difficult issues with his tour overseas and, of course, his longtime foe 50 Cent had something to say about it.

On Tuesday, February 27, Ja took to X/Twitter and informed his fans that he was denied entry into the UK just days before his "Sunrise Tour" is set to begin.

"I’m so devastated I can’t believe the UK won’t let me in I’ve spent a half million dollars in production of my own money to put this tour together only to be denied entry DAYS before my shows this is not fair to me or my fans these venues are 85% sold and now I can’t come… 🤬💔" Ja wrote.

"The UK is one of the few European countries that restricts entry to people with criminal records," he continued. "In general, you will likely be denied entry if you have been convicted of a crime punishable by 23 months or more under British law or served more than 12 months in prison. This… 🤬"

The news spread far enough to catch 50 Cent's attention. The "Window Shopper" rapper posted screenshots of Ja's tweets and added his own commentary to the caption.

“Hahahahahaha I did not have nothing to do with this bitch not getting in. LOL," Fif wrote in his now-deleted post. "LMAO. I got juice all over the place sucker!”

"@50cent N***a you p*ssy shut up…" Ja fired back.

Ja Rule's "Sunrise Tour" was supposed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his debut album Venni Vetti Vecci. The New York native was set to travel to cities like London, Dublin, Liverpool and other areas in the UK along with supporting acts Keri Hilson, Lloyd and Mya. It doesn't seem like the entire tour has been cancelled. See Ja Rule's statement about the tour below.

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