Cae Cartier Shows His Ex Girl Just How 'Replaceable' She Is

Cae Cartier

Photo: Getty Images

Cae Cartier isn't here for any trifling women who try to bring him now.

On Thursday, September 21, the 22-year-old artist released a music video for his brand new single "Replaceable." The visuals begin with Cartier listening to his former girl complaining about all the women that surrounds him at the studio. From there, we can see the young rapper with his boys at a pool party with plenty of ladies who can take his old flame's place.

"Whole lotta money got me actin different they can't understand," Cartier raps. "Whole lotta brand new ranks inside these skinnys, I ain't tryna sag/Get a new bi***h okay that's my decision, I can't go out sad."

"Replaceable" is Cartier's third release of the year. Back in April, the Atlanta native dropped his gritty single "GO" after he kicked off the year with his other banger "Mozart." He's been on a solid run since he first hit the scene last year with songs like "Smoke" and "Tuci" with the latter going viral on social media. Since then, he's earned several notable co-signs from Chris Brown, Key Glock, Shaq, Travis Scott and Quavo.

Watch the music video for Cae Cartier's new single "Replaceable" below.


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