50 Cent Opens Up About Finding Love!

BMF Season 2 Los Angeles Premiere Event

Photo: Getty Images North America

During one of the first episodes of her new BET series “The Wine Down,” Mary J. Blige allowed viewers to see the softer side of 50 Cent.

“I’m in a friendship with a woman, and I’m finding gratification out of seeing her happy,” he explained. His admission surprised Mary J. Blige, who interjected to say, “That’s beautiful.”  

Fifty went on to explain what specifically makes him happy and what love means to him, saying, “At that point, I think I’m in love with her, cause even if her friends or her people are there, and they’re doing their thing, I’m happy because I know she’s really happy at that point. You understand? It’s not necessarily coming from me, but that’s how I interpret love.” 

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