Lip Reader Reveals What Jennifer Lopez Told Ben Affleck at the Grammys!

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Ben Affleck attended the Grammys with his new wife Jennifer Lopez and many people noticed it seemed like Ben wasn't having a good time! Who knows, maybe he had a tummy ache. But either way, a Lip reader has revealed what the pair were talking about.

According to the lip reader Jennifer apparently told Ben to "Stop" then she said "look more friendly. Look motivated." and then Ben responses with "I might"

Jennifer did take to social media afterwards and said she and Ben had the best time. But honestly, I've heard award shows aren't always fun, it's a long day and if you had to be "on" the whole time, I'd be tired too! Plus if people were to watch me and my Husband during our convos you'd think we were arguing but we're most likely debating what to have for dinner HAHA!

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