Former NFL Player Arian Foster Fuels Rumors that The Game Is "Rigged."

There are always theories about pro-sports being rigged and now former NFL player Arian Foster is fueling those rumors saying that the game for sure is rigged and he use to receive scripts before the start of the season!

Arian was a star running back for the Houston Texans and recently appeared on a podcast with Barstool Sports called "Macrodosing" where the host made a sarcastic remark about the game being rigged and Arian said that a script would be dropped off at his locker before the start of the season with various storylines.

It's a little hard to tell if Arian was joking or not because then he said very seriously

“That’s what practice was about. It was about practicing the script.”

Now personally, I think he's joking but a lot of people are going to believe this. It didn't take long for some players to chime in on Twitter and make fun of him as well!

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