Is Beyoncé Pregnant with Her Fourth Child?! Fans Thinks So After Her Show.

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Photo: Getty Images North America

Following Beyoncé’s performance in Dubai, some people wonder if Queen B is pregnant with her fourth child.

Now I HATE when people look at a woman's body and think they're pregnant because maybe they look a little bigger, especially being someone who's had a baby and can't shake that baby weight. AND Beyoncé has had THREE kids and her last ones were Twins, of course her body isn't going to be the same as it once was!

However, eagle eye fans took a close look at Beyoncé’s body and noticed a bit of a bump in the midsection. While it could just be the result of being a mother of three, the singer usually has a very toned look which she showed off on the cover of her recent album, Renaissance. 

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia brought up the possibility by sharing several tweets from fans who questioned if Beyoncé had a bun in the oven.

While nothing has been announced, the Beyhive will certainly continue to watch Beyoncé’s tummy. BUT her PR person did say more was to come?! Does this mean, another baby? Or just more performances?! Either way we love Beyoncé

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