Did Emily Ratajkowski Diss Pete Davidson? ‘I attract the worst men’

 Model Emily Ratajkowski has a podcast called “High Low With EmRata,” and on a recent episode she made a confession about her dating life! “I feel like I attract the worst men,” she continued and said “Sometimes I’m like, f–k, because I want a confident man. I don’t want an overly confident man who has something to prove and is trying to prove it through me. That is not what I want,”

Emily recently was dating Pete Davidson and so some think she might be talking about him. But she also revealed

“’That’s what I hate with dating … men in particular,” - “They’re like, ‘OK, yes, you’re special. You’ve done it.’ And they love it and love it, and then slowly they get emasculated and don’t know what to do with those feelings, and then they resent you. They start to tear you down, and then you’re back to square one.

“And it’s so f–ked up and unfair, because I feel like a lot of men who truly think they want a strong woman actually don’t know how to handle it and … what it means for their own identity,” she said.

Emily also apparently went on a some dates with Brad Pitt.

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