Cardi B. Complains About Grocery Prices and Claps Back At Comments!

Cardi B and Whipshots Celebrate at WeHo Pride 2022

Photo: Getty Images North America

We see it all the time, a celebrity complains about something and people come at them for complaining because they feel like since they're a celebrity or famous they aren't allowed to complain!

Now it depends on the complaint but I'm with Cardi on this one, it's ok for her to complain about grocery store prices.

Some people were not ok with her complaining! Cardi makes a lot of good points, she pays not just for her but a lot of people in her family and just because you have a lot of money you can also lose all that money. She has to budget and save money so she doesn't lose it all. Cardi also wasn't rich her entire life so she knows what's up!

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