No "Wednesday" Is NOT Leaving Netflix! Details Here!

World Premiere Of Netflix's "Wednesday" - Arrivals

Photo: Getty Images North America

A story popped up the other day claiming that the Netflix show "Wednesday" would be leaving Netflix for it's second season!

Apparently because Amazon purchased the production company that owns "Wednesday" - it could leave for the second season and go to Amazon Prime.

HOWEVER - experts say this won't happen! According to "What's on Netflix"

"Netflix essentially owns the “option” for the title for a fixed period of time, which means Netflix has ultimate control over the future of the series for the foreseeable future. Our intel suggests that if the show is not renewed for a season 2, Netflix hangs onto season 1 for ten years following its release (meaning it’ll stream until 2032)."

So even though it could most likely won't!!

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