Will Smith Reveals What Rihanna Thought about His New Movie!

will smith

Photo: getty

Will Smith held a private screening of his new movie, “Emancipation,” with Rihanna and A$AP Rocky being some of the first to see the film. 

Smith reveals that the singer “loved the cinematography of the film” and says, “She could not get over the look of the film and how it felt.” 

“The thing that’s great with Black people is they talk to the screen the whole time, so you don’t have to ask people’s opinion,” Smith joked. “So, I didn’t have to ask anybody’s opinion from the room.”

When asked about his vision for “Emancipation,” Smith says, “I thought it would be a necessary reminder of some of the roads we have gone down as a country in the past, to potentially avert any of those similar paths,” he said. “To have a movie like this in this time for me, and even this time in my life is poetic perfection.” Emancipation comes to AppleTV+ on December 9th. 

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