Alicia Keys Drops Out Of Performing at the World Cup!


Photo: Getty Images North America

Alicia Keys was slated to perform at the World Cup opening ceremony which was going to go down in Sunday but it has come out now that Alicia has backed out of performing!

According to reports Alicia had creative differences with the event's choreographer Barbarana Pons and they were fighting over Alicia wanting to use a piano during her set!

Ummm do they NOT realize who they booked? It's literally in her name..."KEYS" - as in Piano Keys! Wow! That's what she does!

The organizers should have given Alicia anything she wanted because a lot of artist refused to perform for the World Cup because it was in Qatar and the countries stance on human rights!

Barbarana Pons gave an interview with a radio station and revealed that she had just found out that Alicia Keys had pulled out, since Alicia hadn't been officially announced, it seems that Alicia's performance might have been a surprise!

The World Cup kicks off on Sunday Nov 20th!

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