Company Burying You ALIVE For $57K!

Open Coffin And Hand

Photo: Getty Images

In Russia, a new company wants to let customers rejuvenate themselves by discovering what it’s like to be dead. 

Prekated will help you alleviate your life’s stress and worry by giving you your fake funeral while you’re alive.

  • The “online funeral” package will run you just over $15K and is described as “stress therapy for fears and anxiety.” Through it, they say customers can “close chapters in their lives and undergo divine healing and rising from the ashes.”
  • The “full immersion” package, at over $57K, will give you a “full funeral according to your religious beliefs.” Afterward, the customer will be “buried up to 60 minutes,” followed by “a mandatory revival with an all-around revived awareness of their mission.”

Clients are expected to rise from their graves with a “renewed desire to live,” They get to keep the coffin as a souvenir. Lucky them!

Source: The Moscow Times

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