Woman Says Ghosts In Her House "Talk Dirty" To Her and Guests.

Spirit rising from body

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A woman believes her her property is haunted and not only that but the ghosts are a little naughty!

Linday Hill has a property that she use to rent out - in a matter of two years she had 10 tenants and didn't realize why she had a high turnover rate. THEN she found out it was because it was haunted!

One of her former tenants told her it was haunted but Linda didn't believe her...UNTIL she took a shower in the place and she said a "dark figure" appeared on the side of the shower and heard someone say "Looking Good!"

At first Linda thought it was her husband but then her husband walked in a bit later.

Then they allegedly were able to get some audio of the ghosts!

“where the ghosts can be heard talking dirty in the house," Linda claims and gave example of a ghost's sexual messages: "Oh baby, oh baby yeah, I like it like that".

There is a rumor that the property use to be a brothel and thats why the ghosts say those things!

So instead of trying to keep renting it to people who are going to leave soon, Linda is embracing the haunted aspect of it and turned the property into "Hill House Manor" for ghosts hunters.

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