Woman Reveals Her Husband Left Her To Start Family With Her Daughter!

A young man is removing his wedding ring a concept of relationship difficulties

Photo: Moment RF

This is a crazy story - a woman on Reddit who went by the name "Tiffany" reveals that when her daughter was 3 years old she met a man who she felt like was her dream man!

They got married and a few years later she had another baby, a son! Then 15 years into the relationship she felt like her life was perfect! Until her Husband came to her and told her that he wanted a divorce. She then finds out he is in a relationship with her daughter who just turned 18!

It's been a few years since the divorce and now her ex-husband and daughter are having their second baby!

The worst part is that now the Father doesn't even want to see his son that he has from his first wife!

AND the Daughter doesn't even understand why the Mom is mad!

“She doesn’t see how it’s wrong or gross. She doesn’t care about me. He doesn’t see an issue too. But my own daughter? Come on,”

It should be noted that her daughter’s kids are her grandchildren and also half-siblings to her son. WOW!

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