A Woman Pulled A Knife Out On Her Husband After He Told Her to Stop Singing

Group of friends having fun on night out. Karaoke.

Photo: Digital Vision

Well this is a first! A woman was arrested after she pulled a knife out on her Husband after he told her to stop singing Karaoke!

So officers were dispatched to a house where an incident was going down, when they arrived the found out the woman of the house was singing karaoke very loud and her Husband told her to stop singing because she was going to wake up the kids!

She allegedly told her Husband to create a room for her to sing her songs but he refused and thats when she backed him into a corner and pulled two large knives on him! She apparently placed on on his neck and the other on his right side and threatened to kill him!

What makes it even worse is that the kids woke up and saw the whole thing go down!

THENNNNNN one of the kids was able to get the knife away from her but told the police officers that she's done stuff like this before and even tried to burn the house down!

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