High levels of toxic chemical found in sports bras, watchdog warns

Fashionable woman wearing jacket with sports clothing against clear sky

Photo: Digital Vision

For a good number of women, taking part in a physical activity without a sports bra can be an uncomfortable experience. But now it turns out exercising with a sports bra can be even worse.

Researchers have found high levels of a toxic chemical in no less than eight brands of sports bras, according to the Center for Environmental Health. Just one bra can expose its wearer to 22 times the safe limit of BPA, which is known to cause such adverse health conditions as asthma, heart disease and obesity, researchers say.

The companies that were found to include the toxic chemical in their sports bras include Athleta, PINK, Asics, The North Face, Brooks, All in Motion, Nike and FILA, according to the Center for Environmental Health. "We recommend limiting the time you spend in your activewear by changing after your workout," the CEH says.

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