13 Year Old Accidentally Swallows Dog Chew Toy and Can't Stop Squeaking!

A 13 year old named Jonathan accidentally swallowed a dog chew toy and it got stuck in his throat and he couldn't stop squeaking when he would breath in.

So how did it happen? The Mom said Jonathan was suppose to be getting ready for a camping trip but he wasn't listening.

"He wasn't ready yet and he was sitting there annoying me with this dog toy and so I get this two-liter bottle and I'm like, 'Johnathan, I'm gonna hit you if you don't stop'," Serrano's mom said. "When I go to grab it, it's empty, and he ducks and swallows it (the toy)."

So how did he handle the attention he got on TikTok after his video went viral?

"Everyone is calling me cute *in the comments, so I kinda like it,"

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