Did A Ghost Knock Over A Pint of Beer at this Haunted Pub? Video Here!

Two pints of beer

Photo: Moment RF

Ok so maybe you don't see the ghost but people said that this pub is haunted! This is Blue House Pub in Hendon, Sunderland in the UK!

The owner of the bar told The Daily Mail said that she posted the video on Facebook and someone tried to say that the pint just slipped since the bar isn't flat but she said

"But the glass was on a mat designed to stop things like that from happening"

After the video was posted the previous owner contacted the new owner and told her

"The pub was haunted as empty pint glasses would just fall off the bar but she never had CCTV to capture it. I'm just so glad that we have the CCTV as I don't think anyone would have actually believed me if I told them what happened."

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