Scientist Find Volcano Sharks! Details Here.

Sharks are amazing creatures and thanks to NASA's Earth Observatory scientist have discovered "Volcano Sharks"

they released satellite images of an undersea volcano erupting. The Volcano is located in the Solomon Islands and is apparently one of the most active submarine volcanoes in the Pacific.

According to CNN "Kavachi was dubbed "Sharkano" after a 2015 expedition to the site revealed that the crater was an unlikely home to two species of shark, suggesting that large marine animals are able to exist in an extreme environment, tolerating hot and acidic water."

They said there is a scalloped hammerhead shark and a silky shark and a ton other fish species spotted living in the active volcano!

They dropped a camera down to see the sharks and fish and it's pretty cool when you consider how deep this is! But when you hear Volcano Shark, you for sure think of a crazy shark, give it a year or two and I'm sure there will be some kind of big Hollywood budget film about this but taken to the extreme!

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