Guy Shares Video Of Food Delivery Person Taking His Food After Tip Dispute

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Photo: Getty Images North America

I can't tell you how mad I would be if this happened to me. This guy shared his Ring video of a DoorDash driver dropping off his food but being upset about the tip that he gave her. She says the restaurant was too far and she drove 40 minutes to drop off the food and that an $8 tip was not enough.

So what does she do? She decided to keep the food!

This is what you signed up for girl! I get It, not everyone tips amazing and sometimes you have to drive far, but you also can reject a job!

If she was a waitress, she wouldn't be able to do this if someone left her a bad tip! Honestly, I hope she isn't allowed to deliver food anymore, or at least suspended from the app for awhile, until she learns her lesson!

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