Lizzo Confirms She's In A Relationship.

Global Citizen Live, New York

Photo: Getty Images North America

Lizzo has confirmed she’s in a relationship, although she hasn’t revealed who the mystery man is. 

While serving as a guest on the Andy Cohen’s Radio Andy Show on SiriusXM on Monday, April 18th, Lizzo confirmed she had a man. Cohen asked if she was still with the mystery man she was with back in February when she was spotted at Craig’s in West Hollywood, Lizzo responded, “Yeah whatever, Yeah.”

Lizzo says her being a star, “isn’t a factor,” in the relationship. She went on to say, "If you have the right person, no, not at all," and "It should be mutually supportive no matter what that person does."

Back in February Lizzo told Variety that her album was inspired by love, then added, "It is a love album," she revealed. "I'm shocked."

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