Risky TikTok Food Trends Experts Advise Avoiding


Photo: AFP

TikTok has a lot of great hacks and food trends but these are some you want to avoid. The riskiest TikTok food trends include “Sleepy Chicken,” which is the trend of marinating chicken in NyQuil. 

Not only are you taking in more NyQuil than recommended, but the chicken often looks undercooked in most videos which is a safety concern. 

Putting your grilled cheese in a toaster to cook it is dangerous as well and could spark a fire. While some would disagree, apparently washing your chicken is unnecessary and could cause your sink, faucet, and other kitchen spaces to be contaminated by salmonella. 

Spreading Nachos on a table sounds cool, but not when people aren’t washing their hands between bites. Finally squeezing lemon in your coffee won’t make you lose weight, you're more likely to get heartburn and damage your tooth enamel. 

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