Why is Post Malone Getting Sued and Why Does It Involve His Ex?

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Post Malone is being sued after a law firm says they were cut out of a deal between Post and his ex, Ashlen Diaz. 

Diaz hired the law firm to represent her after she and Posty broke up. She wanted to sue him after their three-year relationship came to an end in 2015. 

Post then reached out to Diaz to settle her dispute without lawyers involved and she settled for $350,000. Now the law firm wants their cut. 

It’s alleged that Post and Ashlen broke up due to his busy schedule while recording his album in Utah. 

Honestly, if I was the Law Firm, I'd be suing Ashlen and not Post Malone, they were representing her not Posty! If they were cut out of the deal and not paid by her, then that's her fault not Post! But then again, I'm not a lawyer so who knows!

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