12 Secret Chipotle Items You Can Get.

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When you walk into Chipotle, and their menu is on display, that is not all of your options. 

There are several secret menu items that many don't know about. 

Guests can order a

1 - Quesarito - it's a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla - but kind of open

2 - Nachos

3 - Double wrapped burrito

4 - Double decker taco - taco is a normal taco inside of a softshell cheese taco

5 - Burritodilla - quesadilla that is loaded with the fillings you’d normally put in a burrito

6 - Quesadillas

7 - The 3-pointer is a burrito that only has three toppings/fillings and it's cheaper than a burrito

8 - Taco salad is basically any salad on the Chipotle menu served with an extra fried tortilla bowl

9 - Double Toppings

10 - Cilantro

11 - Dragon Sauce - just combine the hot salsa with sour cream

12- Spicy Queso - side of queso and their hot salsa and then mixing it.

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