Four Men Arrested For Using A Device To Get Cheaper Gas.

Man Purchases Gas at Pump

Photo: Moment RF

Gas prices are making people CRAZY!!! So four men have been arrested because they tried to get one over on a gas station!

So apparently they would put a device called "pulsators" inside a gas pump that would control the price and fuel flow. Basically they would get a full take for free!

According to reports "Two suspects, Rogelio Llerena and Yulier Garcia-Martinez were caught March 12 while pumping gas in a huge gas tank. Yordian Diaz-Benitez was taken into custody for stealing gas on March 10. Another suspect, Marlon Rosel-Rodriguez, was arrested two days after while trying to put the “pulsator” inside of a pump at a gas station."

Officials also said that guys like this would fill big tanks and then resell the gas and make money off of it!

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