29 Year Old Trainer Passes Away From Too Much Caffeine!

Coffee with cream

Photo: Digital Vision

This is so sad! A personal trainer recently passed away and their story is being shared to warn other people! According to reports 29 year old Tom Mansfield bought a bag of caffeine powder and they say you can have between 60 and 300mg of the powder into a drink!

Sadly Tom miscalculated the dosage because the product didn't come with a measuring scoop. Tom ingested the equivalent of 200 cups of coffee!

Apparently after drinking the supplement he said his heart was beating too fast so he went to lie down but he started foaming at the mouth and his wife called the ambulance.

"According to Medical News Today, a concentration of 80-100 mg. of caffeine per liter is enough to be fatal."

The company that makes the supplement Blackburn Distributions says that the supplement now comes with a measuring scoop! But I'm not going to lie, I would be too nervous to drink it!

Our prayers are with Tom's family!

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