Teyana Taylor Blast Rumors That Her Husband Cheated & She Did Drugs!

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Teyana Taylor responded to a TikTok rumor posted by user @klatschhh, who takes "unconfirmed stories and parodies" said that an unnamed singer “with two daughters” who watches her husband on Dancing with the Stars, said the singer discovered her husband was cheating on her and was found on a bathroom floor after having “too much candy.” 

Teyana responded to the rumor writing, ​​“The person who sent in this CAP a** TikTok story is a fool, the person who ‘re-enacted’ this CAP a** story is a fool (she better have her court coin ready) but the people who believed the CAP a** story are the biggest fools smh. Y’all allow a YT girl to pull some sh*t like this during Black History Month???”

She continued, “NOBODY AND I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOBODY CAN MAKE PETUNIA OVERDOSE ON A DAMN THING. I’d kill @imanshumpert fine a**, put him in a nice suit, and bury him my damn self before I EVER let him or ANYBODY to push me to do drugs or take myself out.”

Teyana added, “Ppl are dying, police are still killing our brothers, our brothers are still killing our brothers, Black women are still the most disrespected & unprotected women in the world. Kids are still [getting] trafficked. We got bigger f__king fish to fry here y’all. Get focused damn smh. Now carry on. Nothing to see here.”

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