Jason Lee from Hollywood Unlocked Doubles Down on saying "The Queen" Died

Royals Attend A Reception For The Diplomatic Corps At Buckingham Palace

Photo: Getty Images Europe

If you saw "The Queen" or "Lizzy" trending yesterday it's all because the Gossip site Hollywood Unlocked posted that the Queen had passed away!

Recently Queen Elizabeth contracted Covid-19 and she's 95 years old so it's important she stays as healthy as possible. Well after that other news sites came out and said the Queen had NOT passed away and that she was just dealing with symptoms!

HOWEVER Hollywood Unlocked would not be damned they doubled down on their claim that she's passed away and they just haven't said anything yet!

"As we exclusively reported this Tuesday, close sources to the royal family have confirmed that Queen Elizabeth has sadly passed away. While full details surrounding her death have yet to be shared, there have been carefully constructed plans that have already been put in place for this moment."

I'd like to know who these sources are because you'd think a tabloid IN LONDON would actually have sources before Jason Lee! Check out some of social media's reaction to this

That last one is the best!

Ok here is my theory, Jason Lee is taking a gamble saying that she's passed away because let's be honest, she's 95 and now has covid. It wouldn't be that surprising if she did pass away! And if she does, he'll say "I knew it first" - if she doesn't, he will shrug and move on!

But here is what Jason has to say

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