YouTuber Logan Paul Says He's thinking of Running for President!!

Floyd Mayweather v Logan Paul - Press Conference

Photo: Getty Images North America

We've all seen Logan Paul's funny videos, him trying his hand at boxing and maybe seen his podcast "Impaulsive" - recently the conversation during the show turned political and he talked about running for President of the United States - "I really do think I'm going to make a run for president when I'm 35."

Paul is 26 right now, so it wouldn't be any time soon and maybe by then he'll change his mind! Then Paul's manager asked him what his first policy would be!

“I don’t know, I have to do more research, but I think I could do some seriously good sh*t that is so necessary, and in my head feels inevitable but someone has to do it," Paul replied.

Every candidate needs a running mate and co-host Mike Majlak then asked Paul if he could fill this spot for him, to which Paul declined and told him: "No, because you can't run."

Would you vote for Paul?

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